The Cabins at Lake Desolation
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We are accepting reservations for the 2022 season. Please download the reservation form(see link), fill out all information and return it to us along with the required downpayment, to the address specified on the form. Or to reserve immediately, pay with credit card or paypal online.Send us an email stating your choice of cabin and dates. All reservations are first come, first serve. We will contact you via email when we recieve your registration.


 MAY 2022


 All  Other Dates Available


  • AUGUST 2022 
  • AUGUST 2-9: M.Bahl 
  • AUG. 9-11: Diane Pflaum 
  • AUGUST 11-14:TimothyMerrill 
  • AUGUST  14-18:Amy Gauthier
  • AUGUST18-21:MikeConnors
  • AUGUST 22-29:T.Mullen/Rangle
  • All OTHER dates available



  • JUNE 2022
  • JUNE 24-26:Sarah H.
  • ALL OTHER dates available



  • SEPTEMBER 2022
  • SEPT 
  • SEPT 
  • SEPT-
  • SEPT 
  • ALL other Dates available



  • JULY 2022
  • JULY 2-5: J.Miranda 
  • JULY 7-10:KimberlyBaldwin
  • JULY 11-17: AngeliqueDarrah
  • JULY 17-25: Scott/Bruisers BBQ
  • JULY 25-AUG1: BrettWood 

  • All other dates available




 All  OTHER Dates Available